Silencerco SPEQ
Thanks to Those Who Serve

SilencerCo SPEQ Program

Accu Tac Arms is the authorized Minnesota dealer for the SilencerCo SPEQ program (Blue Label). SilencerCo SPEQ products may only be sold through a limited number of authorized dealers across the country.

The SilencerCo SPEQ program offers discounts on all SilencerCo suppressors for agency and individual purchase in a number of public service careers, primarily Military and Law Enforcement. Purchasing is done through the same process, however, does require that a copy of the customer's credentials is provided. SilencerCo SPEQ suppressors will be identical to the normal SilencerCo products. SPEQ pricing is a flat rate, determined by SilencerCo and is not influenced by or reflective of AccuTac Arm’s public pricing. Accu Tac Arms may only sell to Minnesota residents through this program. If you are a not a Minnesota resident or are interested in other manufacturers, other LE/Mil discounts are available through AccuTac Arms.

The following careers are eligible for the SPEQ program.

    • Sworn Law Enforcement Officers.
    • Retired Law Enforcement with retired credentials.
    • EMTs, Fire Fighters, Volunteer Fire Fighters, and Paramedics.
    • Active Military, including Reserve and National Guard.
    • Military with Retired Credentials.
    • Corrections Officers.
    • State Licensed Security Companies and Armed Security Officers.
    • Court Judges, District Attorneys, and Deputy District Attorneys.
    • Law Enforcement Academy Cadets with enrollment documentation.
    • Disabled Military Veterans with retired credentials.
    • Military Veterans with a DD214 who have been honorably discharged.

Pricing may be provided by email or phone after providing valid credentials.

How to Get Started

    1. New customers may create an account at: Create New Account
    2. Email a copy of your credentials to for review.
    3. Once the account has been reviewed, you will be emailed confidential pricing.